Device Specific Training

Certified Measurement Professionals are to successfully complete a supplemental training program that is specific to the device they declare they will use. This applies to individuals utilizing all devices, including passive devices provided by NRPP certified laboratories.

Exception: Where a device-specific training course is not available, an exemption can be provided. However, passage of a Device Performance Test would be required for both initial certification and recertification of an analytical device regardless of the type.

There would be no prohibition against a manufacturer or lab developing a course covering multiple devices that are similar, such as different types of electrets used in an EIC system, or iterations of the same basic device.

Device-specific courses may be developed and administered by manufacturers/labs themselves or via sub-contract. The manufacturer or lab is NOT certifying the individual, but rather representing that a person completing the training would have been exposed to an adequate amount of information to allow them to be proficient.

Creation of a training program would be facilitated by manufacturer and submitted to NRPP for CE approval along with questions that can be utilized as construct for NRPP/Online administered quizzes for certification renewal.

The following is an initial list that the Task Force felt would greatly assist the user, by going beyond and in more detail than what an entry-level training course can provide for a specific device:

QA/QC requirements for that device

QA Plan specific to device and how handled

Environmental Factors that influence it

Interferences (e.g., EMF, line spikes, battery loss, etc.)

Detecting Tampering

How to initiate test

How to stop test

How to generate report

Interpreting unique results

How calibration is to be done

Interpreting other data collected such as temp, humidity, barometric pressure, etc.

Device or technology specific needs (or lack thereof) to compensate for dynamic and secular equilibrium, how to handle the 12-hour period if building’s not closed prior to arrival

Proper storage and handling

Data input for cloud-based reporting

How to tell when device has malfunctioned

Proper storage

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