Certification FAQ

Q: I signed into the NRPP portal to recertify, but I don’t see a ‘Recertification Portal’. Is there a different page I need to go specifically for renewals?

A:  No; there is only one NRPP portal for both initial and renewal applications. Your Certification Checklist, which you can view once you sign in, is customized to display requirements based on the status of your certification and whether you are newly applying for or renewing a certification.

Q:  Does NRPP offer any study materials to prepare for the exam?

A:  Yes! NRPP offers online Candidate Study Guides. You can purchase a 30-day subscription by clicking here. Access to the study guides are available at no cost to AARST members. Join AARST

Q: I currently hold a state radon license – does NRPP recognize any state licenses part of the certification process?

A:  NRPP accepts certain state radon licenses in lieu of the course and/or NRPP exam. Currently, NRPP accepts for Measurement certification licenses from Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and for Mitigation certification, licenses from Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Please note that if you hold a radon license from any other state, you will be asked to upload a copy of it as part the NRPP certification process.

Q:  I have been sending my NRPP-registered device to the laboratory that is close to where I live/work. Now that I’m certified, can I still use the laboratory of my choice? 

A: As long as the laboratory is associated with your device’s type/model on the NRPP Approved Device list, then you may use that lab.

Q:  Does my NRPP certification only allow me to service residential dwellings, or does this also include multi-family properties, schools, or other large buildings?

A:  ‘Residential Measurement’ and ‘Residential Mitigation’ certifications cover all types of residences. ANSI-AARST standards specific to multi-family buildings, schools, and other large buildings can be purchased from the AARST website; online versions are always available to AARST members.


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