Manufacturer Device Performance Test (DPT) Requirements

To maintain listing of an approved device, manufacturers are to submit devices to an NRPP approved secondary chamber for a single-blind performance test in which the radon reported by the manufacturer is compared to the established chamber concentration in which the device was exposed. Performance Test criteria includes an IRE of no more than 25%.

  1. Frequency for Currently Manufactured or Supported devices (e.g., calibration, tech support)
    1. Minimum frequency: Semi-Annual (once every 6 months)
    2. Minimum of one device per DPT’
    3. After component or algorithm change
  2. Must be devices manufactured after previous DPT (i.e., advancing serial numbers)

If the manufacturer chooses not to support a device (that is does not submit semiannual DPTs and/or calibrate devices or develop device specific training), the NRPP listing of the device can be maintained by the user of the device (provided it is an approved device) passing initial and renewal DPTs, the user will need to pass initial DPT and DPT at renewal.

In case of failure, the manufacturer must resubmit and pass the DPT within 30 days or at the next available window for doing so at the chamber-whichever is longer.  If a second DPT fails, the listing for the NRPP device will be suspended until the issue can be resolved by passing a DPT.

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