First Certification Cycle To-Do List

Congrats on becoming NRPP certified! If this is your first year being certified, it’s important to start looking ahead at renewal requirements so that you’re ready when your two years is up! Read below for how to maintain your newly-earned certification in the first year:

  • Start planning your continuing education
    • Take a look at the catalog of NRPP-approved courses and find some that may interest you. RMP and RMS certifications require 12 CEs each; RMFT and RMI require 8 CEs each, and SGMI-CI certification requires 4 CEs.
  • Complete your 4-hour mandatory standards review course
    • This is a requirement for all individuals renewing, and if you hold multiple NRPP certifications, you will need to complete one MSR for each. These 4-hour courses can be applied towards the total CEs needed for your certification(s). Click here for a list of mandatory standards review courses.
  • Calibrate your devices (if applicable to your certification)
    • If you hold an RMP (Radon Measurement Professional) certification and you use analytical measurement devices such as a CRM, you must submit a calibration report for each device/serial # on an annual basis. MORE on device training and calibrations
  • Remember dates and deadlines
    • Your certification expires exactly two (2) years from your certification date. If your certification expires and you let it lapse for two (2) or more years, you will need to start the certification process over. Make sure you are regularly signing into your NRPP certification portal to check due dates, requirements and approval status of documents.

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