New Jersey Licensure

The NRPP administers NJDEP exams via remote online proctoring by Examity. 

Please note that a 30-day waiting period is required between exam attempts. An exam may not be taken more than four times in a 12-month period.

NRPP-approved training providers who offer the initial New Jersey training are listed below.  For the annual continuing education (CE) requirements, NJ Licensees are allowed to use any CE course approved by NRPP. See Approved CE Courses.    

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) certifies radon measurement and mitigation professionals.  There are four categories:

Certification TypeInitial
Training Course
CE Requirements
Measurement Specialist24 hours  8 hours
Measurement Technician16 hours  4 hours
Mitigation Specialist24 hours  8 hours
Mitigation Technician16 hours  4 hours

To become a New Jersey Certified Radon Professional:

1.  Attend an NRPP-approved entry-level training course accepted by NJDEP for the type of certification you want.  The following training providers offer initial training courses for New Jersey exams. Please note that New Jersey training courses are not accepted for NRPP certification or continuing education.

CERTI – Center for Environmental Research and Technology, Inc.
ERRTC – Rutgers University
Environmental Consultants and Affiliates Network, LLC
Healthy Homes Training 
Kansas State University
SPRUCE Radon Training

2.  Pass the New Jersey Certification Exam for the appropriate category.   Once you have been issued a valid initial course completion certificate, you can register to take a NJ exam with Examity below.

3.  Obtain an Affiliation Letter from a NJ Certified Radon Measurement or Mitigation Business to submit with your initial application.

4.  Meet the requirement of the New Jersey Regulations for Certification of Radon Testers and Mitigators (N.J.A.C. 7:28-27) for the certification category. 

5.  Submit an initial New Jersey radon certification application.  Instructions are found here.

Upon acceptance, you will be issued a provisional certification until you complete six (6) months of radon work experience.  After six months, the business with which you are affiliated must submit a letter to the Radon Section of the NJDEP documenting your radon work experience.  You will then be fully certified.

Register for an Exam

Please check the boxes below to register for an exam. We also recommend running a computer check (click here) prior to paying for your exam.
Once you pay for your exam, you will receive an email from Examity with login information to set up your profile and schedule your exam (exam availability is 24/7). Please check your spam folder if you do not see the email. If you do not pass your exam the first time, you will be required to pay the exam fee again to retake the exam.

I have desktop or laptop computer (no tablets, Chromebooks or cell phones).
I understand that I can NOT use my iPad or iPhone to take the exam.
I have a computer with Microsoft Windows or Apple operating system.
I have Chrome installed as my browser. Safari browser may NOT be used for exams.
I have a built-in (or external) webcam and microphone.
I have an Internet connection with a minimum speed of at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.
I agree that if I show up to the exam without meeting these requirements I will be charged an additional $50 rescheduling fee.
*Note: If you cancel your exam within 24 hours of your scheduled exam time, for any reason, you will be required to purchase another exam before you can reschedule.

*Please note that exam fees are non-refundable*

Annual Certification Renewal:

A pre-printed version of the annual renewl application will be sent to the mailing address in the NJDEP database. Review the application for accuracy.  Any changes must be documented on the application before returning it the Radon Section of NJ DEP.  You are required to take continuing education (CE) for the number of hours shown in the table above for your certification category.

New Jersey certified professionals are allowed to take an NRPP approved CE Course as long as it is on the NRPP Approved CE list.  

Study Materials:

Below is a list of materials you should review to become familiar with NJ requirements and standards.  Because New Jersey has their own regulations, there will be some differences from NRPP requirements. Yes, there will be New Jersey specific questions on the New Jersey Certification exams.

Measurement Specialist/Technician Exam Study Materials:

Mitigation Specialist/Technician Radon Exam Materials:

Definitions you need to know:

  • Organization: Certification/Professional Associations
  • Sponsor: National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP)
  • License Name: Name of the Exam you are registering to take. For example: 
    • New Jersey Measurement Specialist Exam
    • New Jersey Measurement Technician Exam
    • New Jersey Mitigation Specialist Exam
    • New Jersey Mitigation Technician Exam
  • NRPP Entry Level Approved for New Jersey Course ID #: ID will be on your Course Completion Certificate from the training provider who administered your coursework.
  • If you completed a course prior to April 1, 2016 and wish to take one or more of the New Jersey DEP Certification Exams, please email with a copy of your course completion certificate and a code will be provided for you.


AARST-NRPP Administrative Office
Exam Coordinator
828-348-0185, Ext. 407

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Radon Section
1-800-648-0394 (New Jersey Residents Only)
1-609-984-5425 (Outside New Jersey)

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