NRPP Certification Council

NRPP Certification Council

The NRPP Certification Council establishes credentialing criteria and complaint evaluation, decertification, and reciprocity policies. It consists of stakeholders representing a cross-section of industry segments. The Council ensures NRPP credentialing policies maintain impartiality and are free from conflicts of interest.

NRPP Management Committee

The NRPP Management Committee manages and oversees the policy and compliance practices of the program and recommend policy to the Certification Council. The Management Committee consists of the Certification Council Chair, the AARST-NRPP Executive Director, another Certification Council member who will serve a term of 1 year and NRPP staff (non-voting).

The current NRPP Management Committee

Doug KladderCertification Council
Dallas JonesAARST-NRPP Executive
Natalia DeardorffCouncil
Johnna McNamaraNRPP Office

The current NRPP Certification Council

Mike KittoAARST Technical & Science
James BurkhartRadon
David GrammerRadon
Kevin StewartConsumer
Mark VerschCertification
Andrew HarrisHome
Natalia E. DeardorffCertified
Troy MorisLocal
Dan WestRadon
Matt HendrickRadon Device
Steve AlbrightReal Estate
Shawn PriceRadon
Chrystine KelleyNon-certified
Shannon CoryHome
Owen ReeseRadon
Dallas JonesAARST Executive Director (non-voting)

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